Seven years to the day


My queen,

It was seven years ago we held hands halfway up a snow covered mountain and made promises for our lives entwined.  Love, of course, was among the vows.  So too was adventure.  I’d say we have done very well on both those counts.

We’ve traveled from Playa del Carmen to Whistler to San Diego to Bar Harbor.  We’ve snowboarded, camped, gone sightseeing, visited family in at least 4 different states, played volleyball, relaxed on beaches, watched movies from the comfort of our couch, bought new cars, bought a condo, remodeled various parts of that condo, and expanded our family.  First we added two cats to our fold, and then out of the adventuring duo arose a trio of explorers.

Sometimes it seems our little home is bursting at the seams… but even then it feels exactly like it is supposed to: home.

We’ve built a wonderful life together over the last seven years.

I can’t wait to see how it expands and changes in the next seven, and the seven after that, and the seven after that, and…

All my love,


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