they will come

After the soil is split by lava, dark and heavy with burning earth, they will come.  After the sky is darkened by plumes of ash and smoke, choking the air and blocking out the sun, they will come.  After the oceans spill over their shores to carry waves far and wide before freezing into sheets ice, jagged and broken by the wind, they will come.  After all is lost, forgotten amidst the chaos and passing of ages, they will come.

Hope remains always, of course, and they carry it like a torch when they come.  The fixers, the survivors, the ones who refused to bow to the ravages of nature, they will rise from the frozen tundra of dust and ash and rebuild.  It will not be what it had been before, but that doesn’t trouble their thoughts at all.  There is no time for nostalgia.  There is only work, the joy of creation, and the thrill of life.  Sometimes it is harsh and ugly but it is always magical.

25 thoughts on “they will come

  1. This sounds like a bleak kids story – one mine would love, incidentally. Put this to pictures and flesh it out, and you’d have something fearsome and wonderful, I think. I want to see what work, the magical stuff, these people have come to do.

  2. Yes, they will come….and the cycle will begin again. Human nature. I like how your stories have the element of Hope. Life could not exist without Hope.

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