Giggles bubble and bounce,
In time with my heart’s pulsing beat,
And the sound echoes from wall to wall,
Like a smile in search of a treat.

Beware the laughter’s pounce,
The toddler seeks to catch you unaware,
And, like an egg, have you fall, you will fall,
But in the joy you will not care.

Contagious chortles will trounce,
All plans for the day laid to waste in a pile,
Of toys, and at least one ball, there’s always a ball,
And the chaos will hit eleven on the dial.

Prepare to give away every ounce,
And then even more, of your time and energy,
When the child starts to call and call,
For all that endless playful reverie.

23 thoughts on “endless

  1. I know this is a random question, but I’ve just been wondering: Is there a reason why you don’t capitalize the titles for your blog posts? It doesn’t bother me or anything, I’m just wondering if you do it for a reason.

    • That’s a fun question! There might be some pattern here, where I capitalize the posts that are part of a series and I don’t capitalize the rest… Or, perhaps it’s just based on my mood when I’m scheduling them. Probably it’s a little of both. 😉

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