On being 3


Dear Little Prince,

You are three!  Three!!!  When?  How?  Where?  I think scientists should study life in the kingdom to determine how to replicate time travel, because time is travelling faster than should be possible.  It is doing the laws of physics and nature and definitely the local speed limit.

To start, I should apologize for the tardiness of this letter.  I know you don’t care, and I have more excuses than would fit on this page because life in the toddlerocracy is chaos at the best of times, but you still deserve better, and will try to do better in the future.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, on to the good stuff…

I am so proud of you!  I craft words for fun and have nothing in my arsenal that comes close to accurately describing how amazing you are.  The conversations we have.  Your endless curiosity about the world around you.  The speed with which you picked up using the potty.  Your empathy.  The way you are able to cope with and enjoy the seemingly adventures in the Kingdom.  Your silliness.

Oh my, the silliness.  The giggles.  The laughter.  The dimples and mirth.  There is nothing more restorative in this world than hearing your laugh.

Thank you for your patience as the Queen and I continue to learn our parenting roles.  I fear you will need to also continue being patient for the rest of your life, but I know you will do so with aplomb.  That’s just who you are.  You can count on us to keep striving for our best as we learn and adapt.  It’s an ever changing journey for all of us.

Except, of course, for the one constant: we will always love you.

You won’t ever have to worry about that and hopefully you won’t ever have to worry about anything too serious.  Keep on playing.  Keep on laughing.  Keep on being amazing.  I know, I know, that’s all like telling the sun to keep on shining.  You are who you are: amazing.

I love you, kiddo!

Daddy / the Jester / Matticus


41 thoughts on “On being 3

  1. A love letter from a father to his child – that’s the best kind of blog post to read.
    This love we feel for them – it’s hard to put into words, isn’t it? Certain moments leave my heart ready to just explode!

    Love to the Little Prince, and everyone in the Kingdom. xox

  2. As ever, so beautifully written and so succinctly voiced. You are an artist with words and your heartfelt missive touches my soul. Continue to love and cherish these moments, they are what get you through the tough times in life! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Happy birthday to the kiddo! You know, I think your son will enjoy seeing these posts once he gets older. Maybe not in his teens but as an adult when he will appreciate the love you and the Queen gave to him growing up. As a teen, he might be mortified, lol! (I have a 16-yo daughter, believe me…) 😀

    • I understand the teenage mortification… The sad, if you want to call it that, part of this, is that by the time he’s old enough he might appreciate these he will likely be too busy with his own life and family to take the time to read them. My parents have held on to a lot of things for me that just sit in boxes because I never have the time or energy to look through them.

  4. These letters are my favorite. What an adorable kiddo you have, toddlerocracy and all. Many more happy birthdays. Love and hugs to the Little Prince. 😃

  5. I enjoyed this today.. very much. Your prince is a lucky fellow, indeed. This is the part I applaud – “Thank you for your patience as the Queen and I continue to learn our parenting roles. I fear you will need to also continue being patient for the rest of your life, but I know you will do so with aplomb.”

    As a Mom to 3 little queens (princesses?, don’t you mean – nah – they are skipping that role and heading straight to the top) the “learning” never ends. And you always 2nd guess and you always hope that you’ll do better. But your light is just what your prince needs. He chose you and your Queen after all. 🙂

    (why are you the Jester in your own land – Matticus?) I’m a newbie.

  6. As always, your letters to the Little Prince are brimming with fatherly love. I can’t believe he’s 3 already!

    Happy Belated Birthday, Little Prince.

    • I can’t believe he’s three either!! Where did the time go? And how has he turned into a little person so quickly? And if this is three, what is six going to be?!?

  7. Oh, Matt, this literally made me cry and I’m not even sure why! And I didn’t mean for that to rhyme either, haha. This is beautiful and your son will adore it so much when he is old enough to appreciate such things – it will be priceless. All of your words will be priceless to him one day, just as everything he says and does is priceless to you and your Queen. ❤

  8. I am so glad there are words out there like this. He is a lucky little being. As are you. What a wonderful celebration of life and love. I am at the other end of the cycle – having to cope with the youngest reaching the end of his University life and branching out. It really is the end of one adventure – the best ever adventure, and the start of another.

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