The Erratic Sun – Contest the Third

I guess I should explain that my naming convention is just for The Kingdom, because Revis has his own contest running too.  But, hey, that just means even more opportunities to win a copy of this fantastic science fiction adventure!!

Anyway, the winner of my second giveaway contest is…


Of the five people who submitted guesses (really?  that’s it?  why didn’t the rest of you who liked the post venture a guess?) her guess of 387 was the closest to the real word count on page 42 of 379.  And she guessed first too!  Almost nailed it right out of the gate.  That’s some crazy awesomesauce right there.

Hmm…  That’s now two for two of signed books getting shipped all the way from California across the pond, as they say.  It’s a trend.  My international readers should be paying attention.  Maybe they’ll be next.  Maybe this is their chance:

The Erratic Sun - Cover

For your next chance to win a signed copy of The Erratic Sun all you have to do is write a haiku in the comments section below that deals with either the mountains, the beach, why you think you deserve to win, 6 foot tall invisible rabbits named Harvey, the greatest gunslinger of all time, or… well, pretty much anything I guess.  The Queen and the Little Prince have volunteered to pick the best of the bunch and select the winner.

And, yes, I just consulted the rule book and there’s nothing against submitting multiple entries.  So… what are you waiting for?

Let me see those haiku’s!!

32 thoughts on “The Erratic Sun – Contest the Third

  1. What other blogger
    Took the time to make y’all
    Out of Legos…right?


    (I do plan to buy this since I won a copy of your last book, so no worries to anyone who thinks they can’t beat this lovely haiku)

  2. The beach is a luxury that becomes trivial when you are an islander.Rodrigues island is exotical to the point where the mountains induce fascination and the population barely knows how to swim.The economic aspect of the coast is important but it doesn’t deprive mankind of its humanity…Indeed,the sun is the big ben that wakes people up and out of workload requisited by both the mountains’ and the beach’s landscape the house is only a slang for the islander.

  3. […] I’m not just saying that because I love them both, I read it twice and everything. To promote The Erratic Sun, they’ve decided on a few contests. Matt’s had a few this month, and I’m going to […]

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