March 14

In all my geekiness, I just have to wish everyone Happy Pi Day. :


27 thoughts on “March 14

    • Hi RR. 😃 I’m not sure where you are located. My mind is wondering if I want a piece of pizza at this time. This is a really busy week. We have Pi Day. Tomorrow is the Ides of March (or today) which makes me want to stay in bed. And of course, St. Patrick’s Day, which has already started in Chicago as of March 12.

    • Miami…hmm. I’ve always wanted to visit. I have cousins there. I’ve been to other parts of Florida. Never made it that far south.

      Chicago area. Heart is in Detroit. You can laugh.

      • I have people in the Detroit area. I once saw a pretty tough looking biker chick wearing a t-shirt which read “Detroit…We eat the weak” which seemed to sum up a good stretch of what I’ve experienced there.

    • That is one nicer iteration. The one I remember was a bit tougher and more controversial I still sometime use the “we eat” saying. It is never toward the weak, though.

      Chicago is fun. If you make it during St. Pats, you’ll see fun, It, like any city, isn’t without issue. There is a news story that has me going WTFittyFnF? It could happen anywhere. I’m sure you know that.

    • I don’t have a tv either. I get local news from places like the office or sometimes radio. This was about a 9 y/o who was lured to his death by a rival gang. The purpose was to teach 9 y/os dad a lesson…so in tandem, 9 y/o dad shoots some one from the rival gang. It really is senseless.

      I get the not knowing much but local. Family will ask if I heard Detroit’s big news. Usually the answer is no.

      • Yeah, there is a lot of senseless out there that I don’t see myself getting wrapped up in anymore. I’m more about fun senselessness. 🐸

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