Because I Keep Dying

Nikki is sharing over at Stories That Must Not Die. She writes a heartbreaking yet possibly triggering account of repeated sexual abuse by various individuals. The first time happened when she was in her single digits. Each occurrence has stolen a bit of her soul and she wonders if she can be loved. I say the answer is yes. Please hop over if you are able. Thank you.

Stories that Must Not Die

Please give a warm welcome to Nikki over at Mama Sanctuary.

We believe here at stories that some stories are difficult to tell, but they should still be told. We warn you that some of the subject matter you read below this line may be upsetting to some readers. We are posting trigger warnings accordingly.


[TRIGGER WARNING] : This is a true story submitted to us that deals with graphic topics such as of rape, violence and childhood sexual abuse.

From: Nikki at Mama Sanctuary

I shared this for the first time in June 2014. It was a doorway into healing, but as time has lapsed, I realize  It will never part from me. I’m a little stronger and braver as time marches on. I am in the process of transitioning from victim to victor. These are very difficult knots to untangle. But these knots are the fabric of my being. I don’t actually know…

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