the wind

The wind stirs the demons in my heart and they howl in protest before flying free of my body.  Set in motion, they latch on and leach happiness from those closest to me.  I can see them sucking greedily but am powerless to do anything but watch them destroy the ones I love.

It’s devastating, yes, but it is also a relief.  These vampires live within me all the time and the wind that rips them from my flesh is the only solace I get.  My life is ruled by such dualities.  Everything is a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Soon enough the wind will calm and my body will call back its monsters, where they will resume their gnawing and gnashing.  That too will be both agony and relief.  The pain is always nearly unbearable, but when the beasts are within me I do have the pleasure of seeing my loved ones happy again.

Perhaps there is a way I may be rid of these parasites.  Perhaps they are a burden I alone am supposed to carry.

I suspect the truth will be revealed to me in time but for now I wait at the mercy and pleasure of the wind.  If you must be near me presently, I apologize for the drain you will inevitably feel, and offer the only condolence I know: they haven’t killed anyone yet.


10 thoughts on “the wind

  1. DJ,

    When I meet new people from here on out, I think I’ll show them this piece. 🙂

    Lowering expectations right outta the gate this way might be a nice icebreaker.


    • I’m fairly certain this same tactic has kept me from being disappointed in the last several movies I’ve seen. I go in with very low expectations and, voila, I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed them.

  2. Dear Mr Jester, is this why you jest? Is this why you are so determined to entertain and make everything light and silly and fun? Is this why you prefer your shoes with bells on and your hat in striped colours rather than the crown your ‘kingdom’ would suggest as more appropriate?

    Hang on in there, dear jester. Those who love you will bear the scourge of your monsters, and may they return to you sapped.

    • That was a lot of questions.
      This is post 1, of 5, this month, of brief character sketches of some misfits I’m thinking about writing into a story. Maybe. Kind of. Sort of.
      There may be some “me” in here, too, of course, but not much. Not in this one. I loathe the wind. It makes me grumpy. And it was windy when I wrote this. I’d say some of that grumpiness spilled into this character.

  3. There’s been way too much wind around here recently. I’m fed up of it and my skin is complaining about it!

    I’m reminded a little of the way the wind seems to order around the character Vianne in the film Chocolat.

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