bombs away


Image Credit: Kamal Abu-Deeb


So…  They have a bomb.  We have one too.  We have lots of them.  We have more than we could possibly ever need.  If they were all deployed there would be redundant explosions and pointless destruction on an already ruined Earth.

But we are the good guys.  It’s okay for us to have them.  We have them only as a deterrent to war and we spread only a message of our desire for peace and prosperity for all nations and all people.  That’s our perspective.  That’s our propaganda.

We are a bully.  We wield a big stick and we whack anyone on the head who doesn’t behave like we want them to.  Do as we say, not as we do.  We excel at sanctions, airstrikes, ground troops, and public campaigns to shame and discredit and slander.

All the while, we secretly arm revolutions We make shady deals with bad people.  We stick our noses in other people’s business.  Not for peace.  Not for prosperity for all.  Definitely for prosperity for us and only us.  That’s all we truly care about.

Bring us your entrepreneurs who can easily obtain visas.  Bring us your rich who can buy homes and land and invest their millions in our economy.  Bring us your famous so we can capitalize on their celebrity.  But, keep “the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”  We have no need for them.

So…  They have a bomb.  I guess that’s fairly terrifying.  What are they going to do with it?  Who are they going to launch it against?  Who are they going to try to bully?

You know what else is terrifying?

One bully recognizes another and bristles at the thought of competition and now there’s another kid in the yard trying to gain position as a force to be reckoned with.  They are busy collecting sticks and spewing threats.  And, we, the people, have no real control over what our country does with our bombs.  What are we going to do next?


18 thoughts on “bombs away

  1. What indeed? As citizens we are in the dark about so much. Even if we knew… it would take a revolution to stop the greedy in power…and then what? We as a nation can’t seem to agree on anything. We are so diverse and full of too much extremism (bullies) some with large followings, then what? In order for us as a nation of citizens to rise up, we have to come together. Divided we fall, and the media keeps us at each others throats. Religion keeps us at each others throats. Racism keeps us at each others throats. Inequality keeps us at each others throats. Then what???

  2. Exactly. When our country does it the name is Patriotism. When theirs does it the name is Terrorism. Hypocrite much? Shame except that sociopaths dont have any.

  3. Build a bigger bomb. What type of question is that? That’s what everyone’s been doing since at least WW1…
    Superman’s solution to the arms’ race and the like is starting to look quite attractive.

  4. I agree so much with this. I never say much about politics, especially in front of others, because I’m purposely not well-informed. They don’t want us to know anything, I’ll play ignorant. I hope your positive outlook wins, Matt, that #LoveWins someday… though I’m a bit more pessimistic :/

  5. It is seriously getting very scary out there. It’s a pity we can’t send all the war-mongers off to start a colony on the moon, and leave the earth to those of us who just want to live peaceably with each other.

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