which fight would you hope for?

Image Credit: Mr. Four Fingers


Teeth, large, rounded and shaped into a menacing smile, emerged from the darkness.  I saw them and paused to determine their source and their intention but they disappeared as quickly as they’d come forth.  The image of them, however, was burned in gleaming terror on the surface of my mind.

If I could trust my eyes, then my path was fraught with danger.  If I could not trust my eyes, then my mind had finally slipped free of the anchors that tethered it to what is real and true.  Either way, a fight was coming.  The type, external or internal, would be determined soon enough.

I was braced for the gnash of teeth on flesh and my hands were balled into fists at my sides.  If the beast flew at me from the darkness ahead I was ready to fight for the ground I had gained.  I was braced for additional visions of my mounting insanity and my eyes kept weary watch for anything beyond the truths of the world.  If my mind failed me I was ready to fight for whatever remained.

I stepped forward bravely.  Whatever waited in the shadows, beast or madness, made no move as I gained distance on the worn path.  I walked with purpose and pride.  We may get hints about the future, small glimpses stolen from the flashes along the periphery of our sight and thoughts, but nothing is ever certain except the present.  We can only ever control our here and now in the immediate, and I was determined to do so stoically.

What else could I do?

What would you do?

Have you ever seen something you knew wasn’t real?



33 thoughts on “which fight would you hope for?

  1. Do ghost tumbleweed and desert animal life count? When we drove cross-country on our move from the east coast, it was July. Mojave in July. No air conditioning in either vehicle (well, mine had it — I drove with it off to be in solidarity with my husband, whose truck didn’t). By the time we crossed the California border and were nearing the high desert, I was seeing all sorts of things that weren’t there. Like tumbleweed and animals in the road … truth.

    • I’ve done that ac-less drive through Mojave in the heat of summer. We’ve probably seen the same things on that lonely highway. I’ve seen a lot of not-there life along the 14 and 395.

  2. I do keep on thinking I’ve seen something or someone out of the corner of my eye but when I look properly there’s nothing there. Either I’m not getting enough sleep, or living in a convent has been messing with my mind…

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