and then there was silence

There was a month of posts.
And then there was a day of silence.
Which did you prefer?  The chaos or the calm?
There were truths that were hidden and lies that were boasts.
And then there was a day to reflect and see what actually made sense.
Did you see they were the same?  Sleight of hand leaves only an empty palm.
Change is coming as it always does.
You can nod your head in understanding,
But I don’t even know what that will mean yet.
Why?  Because.
If I’m left standing,
After I repay my debts,
Perhaps I’ll share my regrets,
And an insight into my mindset.
That is,
A threat.


I’m not disappearing for good.  That’s not my intention or plan.  But, this month will be much quieter in the kingdom than usual and compared to November it is going to seem like a ghost town.  A kingdom of memories and ghosts…  There’s a story in there perhaps but it will have to wait.  I have projects that need my attention and a family that deserves more of me than they’ve been getting recently.  So, I will quietly slip away for a bit to enjoy this holiday season as much as I can, and I hope you, wherever you are and whatever your obligations, can do the same.  Happy holidays.


14 thoughts on “and then there was silence

  1. I’m doing the same until about January. I’ll still do the Sunday thing, but I’ll be a lot quieter here.

    Hope the entire kingdom gets to enjoy each other & the holidays! ❤

  2. Ok
    All of your
    Priorities and
    Christmas trees
    Just once
    In a while, you
    Might remember this
    And we might
    Still see your face
    If you come back to write

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