Jesterly Challenge Month – November 29th

The end is near,
But never fear,
We’re not going anywhere.

Tomorrow is the wrap,
On this month long trap,
To keep you all from your desired nap.

We may take a day,
Or two or three away,
And then we will be back to play.

What an adventure,
That is certainly sure.
The words flew fast and pure.

Words filled our screens,
From dawn to evening,
More than we have ever before seen.

One more day to go,
And this I do know,
Your beautiful hearts did clearly show.

So, good on you,
For staying true,
To the cause and your own truths too.

4 thoughts on “Jesterly Challenge Month – November 29th

  1. Love this poem, so fitting! I honestly can’t believe we have almost completed 30 days of posting every day (insert exhausted emoji here)! But YOU, you should get a prize! You legitimately posted quality writing every day, whereas I definitely cheated with just pictures and totally lazy days where I just didn’t have the brain power. I know you wrote a lot in advance, but still, I’m impressed!

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