Jesterly Challenge Month – November 27th

Some of you will be working, and some of you sleeping,
And some will be nursing hangovers, you poor things.
Some of you will be wandering the blogosphere or writing,
And some will be playing with family, the day enjoying.
Some of you will be driving, your home set as the heading,
And some will be asking, “What was, or wasn’t, I thinking,
When this poem had the simplest of rhyming, to keep on reading,
All the way to its ending?”  And that question I’ll be answering:
Either you like to do some time wasting, or you hung on while hoping,
This silly, maddening, nonsense would have a conclusion resonating,
With a brilliant twisting point or insight, but you, my faithful kingdomite, anticipating,
And wishing for something poignant in the final line, I surely will be disappointing.

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