Jesterly Challenge Month – November 25th

How will your bird be cooked?  Barbecued?  Broiled?  Deep fried?
Will it be a butterball, or made from tofu, and what size?
And then plated with which delicious sides?
Thinking about all of it has made my smile go wide.

Will you stay home?  Travel local?  Travel around the mountain?
To grandmother’s house, or a siblings, and with children?
Or, is it your turn to host the party again?
Thoughts of time with family gets my heart bouncing.

Do you have traditions?  Shopping?  Decorating?  Playing games?
Do you set a fine table, or eat at the TV, and know everyone’s names?
Do you stay up late chatting or is getting home your aim?
I’m excited for conversations that are never the same.

However you spend your tomorrow, get there and home again safely.
If your relatives, like mine, are a little bit, or more, crazy,
Go boldly and face your time with them bravely,
Then come back on here and tell us all the story of your family?

8 thoughts on “Jesterly Challenge Month – November 25th

  1. Oh rhyme master, here is MY lowly verse
    Even though I know my attempt will fare worse
    Than one so well gifted with vision and word
    A jester whose talent can only perturb
    The rest of us, subjects of normal reflection
    To open our eyes to your novel reflections.

    But Holiday Greetings I wish to confer
    And given in rhyme I greatly prefer

    So, wherever we gather, either far or near,
    May we take time to treasure our loved ones so dear.
    Remember the blessings our Lord has imparted
    Even when we fail to have scarcely regarded
    The ease if life, abundance, and blessings
    As we stuff or faces with turkey and dressing!

    Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!

    • Oops… line 5 is supposed to end in the word “perception” . I can’t figure out how to edit my reply. Sorry.

  2. I plan to have the day include: Playing football, taking a bath, eating soup, watching the Eagles, eating a big dinner, and hopefully not getting too annoyed by my sister

  3. I’m home alone, and sick, this year. If I am up to it, I will drag myself to Denny’s. They do a nice Thanksgiving meal. My kids and I did that once or twice after my divorce eons ago. It wasn’t bad. We didn’t have to clean or cook or clean up afterwards.

    May your holiday be everything you hope for!

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