Jesterly Challenge Month – November 4th

Princess Rosebud asked me to list the ten (or hundred) best things about being a father to a little boy.  I settled on 18.  It seemed like a good number at the time.  Anyway, give it a read and let me know how I did in the comments.


In no particular order:

  1. Giggles
  2. Little boy hugs and smooches
  3. All those squirrels
  4. Snuggles while reading books
  5. Being told, “I love you” out of the blue
  6. The wild swings, from a miniature to grandiose scale and back again, of the saying: never a dull moment
  7. Imaginative playtime
  8. Parrot mode
  9. Helper mode
  10. The random moments of song
  11. The unexpected insights and moments of brilliance
  12. Silly mode
  13. The dimples
  14. Mischievous blue eyes sparkling with a million sunsets reflecting off the surf
  15. Thud
  16. The fearlessness
  17. Unbiased and unfiltered joy at new discoveries
  18. Seeing the world untouched by my own jaded view

43 thoughts on “Jesterly Challenge Month – November 4th

  1. So many of these are part of fathering children, particularly boys. I see many of them in my memories, as my son will be 21 next March. Hold onto these as they morph so quickly …

  2. Part of me feels so left out, being childless and all. I would want a boy, though, if I had a child. I know how awful girls are as they are growing up, I don’t think boys are quite so bad in that regard 😉

    • They both have their bad days, and years. And don’t feel left out! Enjoy your ability to sleep, to travel, to keep your own schedule! Enjoy your freedom from diapers and temper tantrums

      • Yes well, I may be enjoying that freedom forever, whether I want to or not, so there’s that… but nothing is definitive yet.

      • Yeah, I understand. It’s hard when you may or may not have the choice… I think things are going to work out for you, whichever way is best.

  3. Thud wil never change, along with several of these. Even now,with M at 19, he will surprise me with his insight into something. Random, usually, but insightful still.

  4. What an awesome topic. Oh yeah about the dimple. He’sa cutie. I like livin vicariously through my friends with children. I hear they eat and stuff (or at least that’s what T tells me and he has two).

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