Slow Down

I was featured over at SisterWivesSpeak today. It’s a ranging discussion on how we are too busy and that often keeps us from doing the right thing. If you haven’t already headed over there, jump to it and join the discussion.

The SisterWives

ROLL UP! ROLL UP! Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, GATHER ROUND, for it is my honour, delight, and PLEASURE to introduce to you *drumrolllllllllllll* MR JESTER – one of the Blogosphere’s very finest, most entertainingest wonders. He will dazzle you with words; he will finagle the corners of your imagination; he will leave you astonished, astounded, and mind-blown at the incredulomazingness of his very own self, I give youuuuuuu MATTICUS!

Matticus, who in spite of his self-styling as something of a clown, is a thoughtful, caring, brightshiny-soul, who wordsmiths most beautifully, and has earned my utter respect as one of the best men I know in the ‘sphere. Thank you, Matt, for this piece – Lizzi

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