November is coming…

one-does-not-simply-a - One does not simply change "winter" to "november"

Actually, it seemed simple enough to me…

Confused?  “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

Still confused?  Well…

Anyway, starting tomorrow, the Kingdom will be awash with humor, silliness, fantasy, essays, poems, magic, children’s stories, and a bunch of other randomness and excitement.

There will be (at least) daily posts. – That’s my job.

There will be comments galore. – That’s your job.

I have 18 posts written and scheduled.  The 19th is in my head waiting to be typed out.  I’ve heard a rumor the challenge/prompt/whatever for the 20th might be headed my way soon.  That means I need 10 more to fill up that month!  I’ve already written 3 filler posts, please don’t make me write 10 more!!  Tell me, what can I write for you?

And if you’ve already sent me one challenge but have another idea, go ahead and send it my direction too.

And to all those Cheer Peppers out there:  You’ve got this.  You are amazing.

So, happy reading and writing however you spend your month.

16 thoughts on “November is coming…

    • Is it wrong of me to say that I had been hoping to have more than that before the month started? Speaking of which… Why haven’t you sent me a challenge yet?!?! 😉

  1. I’m shakin in my boots that I have taken this on again, but this year I will succeed. 🙂 I am thinking there might be a lot of poetry. I know… write a rhyming spooky poem. Sorry guess I am sort of stuck on SPOOOOOKY. giggles

  2. I wish I could have my blog back to participate properly. I can only be an unofficial Cheer Pepper because I can’t reblog anything anymore. I’m just feeling this not being allowed to write thing at the moment.

      • There were complaints about my last post (titled introducing sister grumpy cat) and the about-to-retire Prioress told me to stop writing. This was about the end of June. It’s not helping my mental health much by having this restriction. The new Prioress gets installed a week on Tuesday, but I can’t really go to her a week on Wednesday and ask if I can start blogging again.

      • Hmmm….
        I’m not a fan of this at all.
        Writing is therapeutic on so many levels for all kinds of reasons. And to be told you aren’t allowed? That riles me as a writer and as a human. I’m sorry. Can you go back to the current one and ask for a compromise? Take down the post that received complaints but be able to write about other things?

      • I took down ALL my posts on the main blog, and made the fiction blog posts static (no comments, pingbacks or reblogs). She could have suggested a compromise right at the start, by saying that I needed to get the posts checked by her/another specified sister of her choice, as it turns out she never liked the idea of my writing unsupervised anyway. From conversations I’ve had in the past with the Prioress elect, she is more willing, but it’s all about timing. A couple of sisters said “you can still write on paper” and to the one I replied “and you could go back to playing the clarinet, which you hated, but only where no-one is around to hear”. She kind of got the point then.

      • That’s tough. I hope you can start blogging again eventually. I’d say keep writing, with the hope you can post them at some point. Write for the future audience you’ll share them with.

      • I’ve been trying to but it’s easier said than done. When I’m this down, knowing I can’t share it makes me think “what’s the point anyway?” And I find it difficult to locate my motivation. Things will change though, because that’s the nature of life.

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