why listen to me


Why must you baa, when the world needs more who roar?
Why are you so content to blindly follow the talking heads,
When they care only about filling their wallets more and more?
Why do you trust, when you should question everything said?
Why do you judge those who do take the time to research and think,
When they need to learn more than how well a politician can wink?

Why are you lazy, when the world demands your participation?
Why are you happy to let rules strip away your shrinking freedoms,
When you should be voicing opinions and ensuring accountable action?
Why do you hide, when you don’t agree with mainstream idioms?
Why do you play ignorant and pretend like you don’t know, don’t care,
When part of you does and knows these issues are deeper than who you wear,
Or how you style your hair,
Or the latest internet dare,
Or the newest treat at the fair?

Why listen to me, when I’m just another baseless, faceless voice?
Why put any trust in the words I’m spilling across this page for you to see,
When my truths, not necessarily the same as yours, don’t sound nice?
Why read my stories at all, when I don’t know any more than you how to be?
Why don’t you open your eyes and look around you, study, take it all in,
When you’ve done that, then, perhaps you’ll see there are none without sin.


41 thoughts on “why listen to me

  1. Because BAAs find it it easier to ruminate on the effortless then to seek out a challenging game. (double-pun intended as to continue with your analogy 🙂 )
    I wonder the same…it irks me so deeply and I confess to still try to unveil to them their own tragedy…mostly in vain but hope is never lost…
    Thanks for the reminder, Matticus 🙂 Awesome post!

      • It did strike my nerve and it struck yours as well. You wrote and I read. I will speak. Lately, it has been to a choir. That means sheeple are turning into awakened people. Good.

      • I’m glad you feel like people are listening. I feel like people nod their heads in agreement, but then continue to blindly follow the talking heads in the next moment.

  2. Because every problem has two types of solutions: the simple, easy and really wrong ones, and the right ones.
    On the other hand, sheep have a lot of power if they decide to move together. Not everyone can or should be a shepherd- you need someone who’s willing to follow,

  3. I think you’ve just put into words some of the reasons behind my joining a Religious Order. I want to stand against all this silly culture and to do something which will change the world. And the best place to start with that is with myself, and hope and pray that in doing so, I’ll encourage others to change themselves, so that one by one, we can indeed change the world for the better.

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