The waves break further off shore than normal and then break again as they build a second time on their approach.  The ocean, warmed by the equatorial system pushing hotter water to the north, is pleasant as it laps against ankles and sprays foam against knees.  The gulls occasionally call out responses to the crash and roar of the tide as they float above the heated sand thanks to the sun-baked shore and breeze giving them lift.  Children and their parents scream in joyful song while dancing and spinning and playing in the breakers and further up the beach.

Despite the cacophony of noise and movement, all is calm, all is peaceful.


15 thoughts on “calm

    • I’m more of a river guy. From bubbling streams, to rapids, to massive waterways. There’s something magical about them. But, yes, oceans and lakes have the same peaceful qualities too. The lend a serenity to all who venture nearby.

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