and rage
Image Credit: Huffington Post

Coo sweetness and love to the toddler,
Strapped so carefully into his seat,
And rage,
Against the driver,
Who dared to share your street.

Our hypocrisy is plain for all to see,
While on the painted blacktop,
And rage,
But then, casually,
Sing lullabies until the next stop.

So look in your rearview next time,
And see your eyes there,
And rage,
At your own crime,
Then relax and set aside your cares.


9 thoughts on “and rage

  1. So true. The pic, wow. I hope the little prince doesn’t catch on the sign language. They learn so much in the car…and are quick to repeat the ragey stuff. Your eyes will boing out of your head…or so I’ve heard.

    • We’ve been lucky so far that our little parrot, er, um, Prince, hasn’t really picked up on any of the bad stuff. Though, a couple months ago he was having fun randomly dropping t-shirts bombs, or something that sounded like it, but we successfully navigated through that and now it’s been a long time since he’s said it.

  2. There’s an ad on the TV in Oz right now where it shows two car seats: one a driver, the other in the back for a five-year-old. Both people – Dad and son – have strings like puppets on them – connected, so that whatever the Dad-puppet does, the boy-puppet does too. It starts off with this being tooting the horn etc., then escalates until the boy is copying the Dad shout something at another (invisible driver).
    The second ad this reminded me of was Tinkle Tootle (at least, i think that was the name of the cartoon character). Google “Tinkle Tootle Copycat”….you’ll see what I mean.

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