like any other

Image Credit: Ameed

The day was like any other…

The alley lighting provided just enough soft glow to see my feet through the morning fog.  Objects closer to the lamps sent shadows stretching away to be swallowed by the surrounding darkness along the edge of the brick wall and between the houses.  The air, heavy with droplets, slowed my movement senses until my steps came back to me in faint syncopated echoes.  The marine layer collected on the exposed skin of my face and arms and forced me to shiver in its icy cool grasp.

The horizon lighting forced the shadows back towards the lamps in a gradual battle of expansion and defense in which there could only be one victor.  The fog picked up the charge of the natural light and sent a thousand tiny rainbows shooting like fireworks across the alley.  I never learned whether it was celebrating the sun’s morning triumph or just reveling in the joy of a new day.  In truth, the cause of the beauty I witnessed never troubled my thoughts.

The sky lighting burned a fierce blue as the dew lifted and retreated back to the coast.  I was sad to see the shimmering fade away but was equally distracted by the brilliant hue stretching across the ceiling of the world.  The alley lights winked out, surrendering completely, one by one down the long row of homes and night officially gave way to day.  Clouds lazily floated by, their blemishing of the sky only served to enhance its beauty, and the sun broke free of the eastern edge of the world.  My spirit soured with it.

The day was like any other: beautiful, magical, triumphant.

15 thoughts on “like any other

  1. I’ll take an extra moment of that chilly fog-filled air sprinkled with the last of night and the first of morning, it feels so fresh expanding my lungs! ❤

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