A Jesterly Challenge to Challenge the Jester


The writer, the scribe, the teller of tales, the spinner of magic, the Belle in a box?  Perhaps.

Last week, in response to a post called Wandering Spirits, an idea occurred to me while responding to the very nice comment left by Aul, aka Dominic.  The basic premise is: can you stump me?

November is nearly upon us, and that means Nano Poblano madness.  I hadn’t thought it possible for me to post every day next month as part of those festivities, but… what if you all sent me prompts?  Maybe then, if I had enough time to write and schedule ahead of time, I could actually participate.


The gauntlet has been thrown:  Is there anything I can’t write about?  Let’s find out.  In the comments leave a topic and a style that you either want me to tackle because you’d like to see what I come up with, or that you think I’ll struggle with and want to laugh at what I come up with.

Examples:  Magic / Poem, Politics / Haiku, Astrophysics / Flash Fiction, and so on and so forth.


Comments left first will be answered first.  First comment will be answered on November 1st, Second on the 2nd, etc…

Have fun with it.  Leave me a challenge.  Leave me something silly.  Leave me whatever you fancy.  And I’ll turn it into a post, and hopefully we’ll all have a bit of fun.  Sound good?

Let’s begin.

58 thoughts on “A Jesterly Challenge to Challenge the Jester

  1. Well, I am doing the daily newsletter for anyone who needs ideas and it is chock-full of ideas… like a crazy, highly-caffeinated dinosaur puked up her idea stomach all over each and every email.

    But from you… let’s see. The question I asked Gwen– tell the story of your life (or a month, or a day) using books (titles or quotes or characters).

    Or… you could do an advice column.
    Or doodle a post!

  2. DJ,

    How about you leave your about page exactly as it is and do a Map of the Kingdom with around 30 points. I’m new to your site and so far I don’t mind that I don’t get it, but….


  3. Yay! This is pretty cool! I can’t think of anything for you to write off the top of my head, but I’m excited to see what other people will come up with too!

  4. A story from home from the Little Prince’s point of view (bonus: You can do your POV too in the same post if you want)

  5. How about a fable/fairy tale for The Little Prince … something with a troll and a dragon; maybe some magic. Of course magic and dragons isn’t too much of a challenge … so how about making the Little Prince the hero …. even the smallest among us, and all that. Lots of thees and thous and foorsooth and all that Camelot kind of language …

  6. Hmm. A poem about a creature, being or setting from a sci-fi or fantasy world (your pick), and you can’t use words that are directly associated with the subject.
    So if you were to write about a dragon, for example, you couldn’t use words like “dragon”, “fire”, “princess” or “gold”.

  7. How would you scribe your life as the prehistoric ones did in caves? How would you scribe in 2,000 years? Love. Sorry, that was two. How would the Prince? Okay that is four. Okay, bye!

  8. I’m totally jello that you have 11 posts ready to go!!! I’m terrified for November first, I’ve been trying to prepare, write ahead of time, and I’ve worked myself into a mess 😕
    Afraid I don’t have any ideas for you, I’m having enough trouble with ideas for myself! I’m sure you’ll be set in no time though, can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us!

    • I’m pretty happy with most of the ones I’ve written so far. I’m confident that I’ll have the whole month written and scheduled before the 1st… but, I will just continue to be hopeful it all works out, even if it isn’t how I planned it.
      Don’t worry about next month. You’ll have a bunch of support from the other daily posters and you’ll be surprised how easy some of the posts write themselves once you read and are inspired by what others are posting. You’ve got this.

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