you are a ghost

via kristy debruhl
Image Credit: Huffington Post

Giddily you’ve decorated in zombies and goblins,
While dressed as Dracula or Freddy.
Then the little monster innocents,
To your door come calling,
(with a tapping as of someone gently rapping)
While yelling,
Trick or treat?

Happily you have and are prepared to receive them,
With gobs of goodies by the door.
Their terrified and joyous grins,
Display white teeth that,
(like a certain disappearing Cheshire Cat)
While on your mat,
You know no more.

But still you play along to this yearly game,
Though your neighbors suffer.
You seem to have no shame,
Spending money selfishly,
(hoarding like Scrooge except on pursuits silly)
For holiday frivolity,
In a wasteful blur.

Children go hungry and animals are put down,
Every single day, as they cower in fear.
But don’t bother cry or frown,
And don’t spare a thought,
(you are a ghost, your greed counts for naught)
The stuff you’ve bought,
Would have fed your starving neighbors for a year.


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