wandering spirits

river mill bridge landscape wallpaper background
Image Credit: WallpaperUp.com

The wooden paddles dip gently into the stream and then pull free, droplets splashing from every surface, as the wheel spins around and around.  The near silent passing of the water beneath the mill tickles the air with its whispered murmurings.  The creaking of the tired joints is the only sound out of place in an otherwise serene setting.

Splotches of scattered clouds, small but stretching high into the heavens, race across the sky and leave a checkerboard of shade in the waving grasses along the stream.  The sun winks playfully as the game transpires.  The trees at the far edges of the rolling meadow sway ever so slightly while birds sing to the day and squirrels bicker teasingly.

Ghosts walk through the tall grass and dip their hands in the cool water.  They can’t be seen but are felt when eyes close and minds open to the wonders of the world.  Their lingering presence caresses the physical life they’ve left behind, in all forms and warmths, in a nostalgic fawning for what they remember but can no longer grasp.

There’s no need to fear these wandering spirits.  They cannot leach your energy or vitality.  They cannot usurp your dreams or flesh.  They simply envy that which they’ve lost and they enjoy the fleeting moments they can sense while passing nearby.  Their emotion, however, is as transient as their being and quickly dissolves and changes.

27 thoughts on “wandering spirits

    • Maybe… I’m not sure I’d be very good writing about… um, hmm… It’s a good question. Perhaps I should turn it into a challenge? Have readers send me prompts I have to turn into posts? What would you try to stump me with?

      • Haha, well you’d have to categorize the challenge a bit. I mean, I could tell you to write a philosophical/scientific essay about the nature of the brain…and that wouldn’t be very fun, if you know what I mean.
        I’m sure you could pull it off though 🙂

      • Hah! I was a psych major. The essay sounds like fun! I think it would be more fun to leave the challenge open and see all the off the wall ideas people came up with.

  1. Wow this piece is beautiful! Serene and meditative.. Pretty often while out in nature I can nearly “sense” those wandering ghosts. And yes, they send no energy of fear or interest, they are just out there, strolling, passing by. Probably, they are the ghosts of nature, or perhaps they’ve once lived there… Nice )

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