Two and a Half Years


Dear Little Prince,

I called you the other day as I came out of the mountains…  Well, in truth, I called the Queen but you are ever present at her side and you took control of the phone.  And, here’s the thing, you took control of the phone. You talked to me.  I asked about your day and you answered.  You asked what I was doing and I answered.  For several minutes we exchanged thoughts transformed into words in a coherent dialogue.  My heart swelled with pride: for the person you have already grown into and the person you are going to be in a month, a season, a year…

Sometimes I steal sideways glances while you whirl by me in your tornado spin of energy, both creating and destroying simultaneously as you explore the ever expanding possibilities of imaginative play with anything and everything that falls along your path.  The hot pad turned into a frisbee.  A washcloth turned into a pizza.  All things turned into trains.  And I wonder how you can possibly be the same person I used to cradle protectively against me with one arm.  And I wonder how our house will survive you.  And I wonder…

I have to thank you for allowing me to glimpse the world as you see it, as you make it, as you want it to be.  I have the benefit of my writing to create new worlds and chronicle the exploits of my imagination, but I often can’t see those worlds come to life.  When I’m playing with you, I know you can see everything and that creative certainty helps me see as well.  See and remember and believe.  I can’t fully explain how important that is to me…

So, thank you.  Thank you for your play.  Thank you for your wide-eyed wonder.  Thank you for your shenanigans and adventure.  Thank you for your trouble-making ways.  Thank you for asking “why” every two seconds.  Thank you for tearing the house apart and then helping your mom and I put it back together.  Thank you for your memory and your thirst for learning and experiencing new things.  Thank you for being you…

I love you, Kiddo,


62 thoughts on “Two and a Half Years

  1. Beautiful capture of your love for him.

    I just love that age when the personality is just suddenly there AND they are able to articulate it.

  2. Wow, 2.5 years? Already? How is that possible? Great post though. And like other followers say, it will be cool for him to be able to read this when he grows up.

  3. I need a hanky, in the most delightful way.

    I remember those milestones. The first conversation, the first meal in a restaurant that was fun, the first, the first, the first. They sneak up on you. Glad to see you’re enjoying every bite!

    • Sneak up on me? Nothing about the little prince is stealth. I hear him coming from a mile away… I don’t know how he makes so much noise while still being so little.

  4. I can’t help but smile. And yes, my nose is suddenly running a little bit too lol
    I can’t imagine what it must be like to see your child flourish into his own being, create his own world and share it with you …unintentionally, though I believe fated, giving back this gift that you gave him : Life.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. I once heard that raising a child is like unwrapping a Christmas gift…for 18 years. I have often thought of that as my kids grew up. And I would say it didn’t stop at 18. It’s amazing and awesome to interact with these miraculous beings we are priveleged to call our children.

  6. How wonderful! I love all your other stories, but these notes/letters/poems to your son are your strongest writing – love can probably do that.

    Write enough of them, and you’ve got yourself a book that I bet you could get published.

    I’ve never been one who really wanted children – maybe that’s why I enjoy listening to you share your thoughts and memories of the Little Prince; I get to read about the joy, and not have to lose any sleep or pay for college. 🙂

    Always a pleasure to read ..

    • College? Who said I was paying for that?! By the time he’s ready it’ll be free… right? Right????!!
      Thank you for reminding me about these letters. It had been too long and I should be more consistent with them.

      • It would certainly be nice if college were free by then … though one has to be sure to vote for people who believe that it should be. I’m certain Donald Trump isn’t going to make college free.

        And … you’re welcome for the reminder. 🙂

      • No, free higher education isn’t likely to be high on his list. I don’t think the situation with tuition and student loan debt is quite to the point where any meaningful change will happen anyway. And, I’m not sure free college is really the way to go either. I’ve heard rumors that enrollments are starting to drop as the next generation realizes that they are more likely to be successful/happy if they invent something or follow their dreams regardless of how much it does or doesn’t pay. Quality of life found in pursuits of the mind rather than the acquisition of things. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens in the coming years.

  7. what a beautiful and open loving heart you offer to your son. he is the luckiest child on earth and i wish all children were offered this gift.

  8. I choked up when I read this originally, and again today…Dang hairball. This is a beautiful letter. John is right, please write them more often.

  9. What a beautiful and touching post. Watching our kids grow and develop is one of the most rewarding things about being a parent. Each time we think, “It can’t get better than this. Just stay this age.” And then the next phase comes, and it’s equally fun. Even the teenage years, believe it or not!

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