Shall We Play

Come one come all
hedge your bet.
Who can resist
a game of Roulette?

Spin the wheel,
watch the ball
land on your number
you win it all.

Spin the wheel.
watch the ball
miss your number
you lose it all.

Spin the chamber,
gun in hand.
Pull the trigger
does bullet land?

If no,
you live for another shot.
If yes,
your life, it ends on the spot.

Open the bottles
with spirit and pill.
Scoff at the odds
they’ve been with you still.

Pick the right combo
you’re light in the head.
Choose the wrong combo
You will wind up dead.

Come one come all
and hedge your bet.
Who can resist now
a game of Roulette.


13 thoughts on “Shall We Play

  1. We all play dangerous games whether we admit the potential consequences or not…
    I wish you wouldn’t play this particular one, though. Even as I understand why you do.
    Thank you for sharing this. Thank you for being you. You know how to reach me if you ever need to talk. I’m here. And, remember, you are amazing, and you are loved.

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