Treats and Shocks

You are not Pavlov
I am not a dog
One day I will say
Fuck you and your treat.

Because I know the shock comes next.

I cannot understand
the mindset of loyalty
that dogs have
to their owners

Accepting.treats and shocks.

The enticement of treats
sends dogs running
in spite of the shocks
they receive from their owners

Dogs remember the best
Our primitive nature

Our human nature
hopefully negates

No more treats if.treats include shocks.



15 thoughts on “Treats and Shocks

  1. It’s the duality of our nature… nothing is for free, right? Even those of us who strive to do good for others get satisfaction from it, and therefore it is not truly selfless. It’s a conundrum with no answer…
    Except, that’s not actually what you are saying here, is it? There are definitely poisonous relationships where the cost isn’t worth the treat. We would all do well to stay clear of those.
    Wonderful to have your voice in the kingdom again.

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