Image Credit: ForWallpaper.com

The wailing whistle moaned through the still morning, drowning out the rhythmic humming of steel on steel.
Progress and industry passed while most rode the REM express across dreamland, bridging night and day.
Moonlight glinted off the tracks before slipping into the streaming beam chugging after the thundering reverberations.

Shaking the very foundation:
The moment slipped away,
And time turned on its wheel.

The distance and future beckoned from the horizon, where the soft light of the heavens danced atop the ocean’s surface.
The whistle signaled its approach, its mile by mile victory, and cried with despair at being ignored and slowly forgotten.
Track and train would soon rust to dust in the shadows of the love they had once received.

They would not be grieved:
Death would be less rotten,
Than to be deemed worthless.


9 thoughts on “whistle

  1. I love trains, always have. I think mass transit is simply evolving, but I always did want to ride on a train for a long distance and have my own sleeper car. It’s a bucket list trip that Noelle and I intend to take. 🙂

    • The Queen’s parents did a cross country train trip this spring to visit the kingdom. They had a good time. It had it’s challenges, as all forms of transit do, but was a grand adventure all the same.
      Interestingly enough, despite the notion that trains are a relic, no longer a modern source of transportation, all of their trains were near full. More people still ride the rails than popular culture believes.

  2. I love the idea of trains, until I then end up on one. I blame the privatisation of British Rail. 😉

    Good writing as always, Sir Jester. (I’m trying to catch up on my reading, but I’m still two months behind – gah!!)

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