continuing worth

This is a continuation of the story started here and here:

The darkness parted and his eyes blinked against the onslaught of light.  The glimmering and shimmering ground, as though reflecting a sunrise, stretched towards the horizon in a moving landscape of beauty.  Everywhere he looked there was a friendly face or a testament, a monument, to the natural wonder of the world he had left behind.  It was shifting chaos, but he found that he didn’t mind.  It seemed right.  It seemed normal.

Almost immediately he felt the oddness of time.  It had the same qualities of the time he had left behind but it wasn’t as solid.  He looked for the markers of when it might slow or race and found, to his surprise, that every second, every moment that had the weight of a second, held the possibility for both.  He no longer had to wait for them to come; he could control them as he wished.

His eyes scanned the crowd again.  He was looking for her.  She was what he wanted, needed, to find more than any of the friends waving for his attention or any of the gorgeous sights vying to be explored.  When he didn’t see her immediately present, he grabbed ahold of time and slowed it down as much as he could.

He started forward, taking large, purposeful steps, and waded through the crowd.  The ripples of minor bumps and impacts spread through those he couldn’t avoid colliding with.  Their reactions were distorted by the change but he didn’t notice.  He had one focus and one intent.

There would be plenty of time for adventure and friends and everything else this new world held.  There would be plenty of time to explore and appreciate it all.  But first, he needed to find her.  Once they were together again then he would release his control and let the moments unfold as intended.  Once they were together he would happily live, if that’s what this was called, at whatever speed time had in store.

Until they were together though, he would keep it slow so he didn’t waste one moment unnecessarily without her.

6 thoughts on “continuing worth

  1. I like it – but I want something big to happen again, like in the first part. More happened in the first paragraph of that first part than in this entire installment – this is not a bad thing. In this part, I felt like I was floating, and our character was sorting it out, all that ether. I feel that you’re setting us up for something and am damn anxious to see what it is.

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