The broken lines blur in dull beams,
And darkness leans into the edges.
My mind is fraying along the seams,
In a mad world far too full of ledges.

My truck knows the way to go,
Which is convenient because I’m hardly awake.
I wait for the demons to show,
No matter how much I give, they demand a take.
This commuter lifestyle is crazy,
And I’m the lead jester, playing for the kingdom.
But that doesn’t dare define me,
Because I’m far more than a cap, a skit, and rum.

We scurry like rats in search of cheese,
With blacktop roads rather than mazes.
Our choices are our traps, if you please,
As we quest on and on for more raises.

Why do we live this way,
And bow at every altar but that of a full life?
Hypocritically we all stay,
Despite preaching that we quest for less strife.
Say carpe diem and YOLO,
But forget when chasing the almighty dollar.
You may donate but do so,
Driving an Audi and wearing a diamond collar.


24 thoughts on “collar

    • You drive nothing? How have you managed that miracle?
      I drive a nearly 20 year old pickup truck and my collar stinks of sweat and technology. But, I’d love to drive an Audi with their sleek lines and curve hugging appeal.

      • Another complicated story for another day. But yea, up until recently, the dino was the only person I knew that I had that in common with. So glad she’s learning. I’m somewhat terrified of it. I need a patient teacher that can deal with all of my nervousness. Impatient, snappy people cause me to shut down…

        Audis are pretty neat, though. 😛

      • I so want to visit Cali very soon. Rara, Goldy, and your kingdom would definitely be stops on my journey. I gotta show you guys the east coast too. You can come visit @SamaraSpeaks & I. 😄

      • Ahh I didn’t even know that! & I’ve known her all this time now.

        PA, huh? I’m closer to NY than PA but about 25/30 mins south from here is very close to Philly.

        PA is gorgeous in the fall. So much forest… So many woods for days, with all of that beautiful color. Might have to plan a road trip…

  1. So are you looking into my brain, or what? I think you better know what I’m getting at in my last story than I do, because this expresses it perfectly. Well, here’s to a full life – or a fuller life. A meaningful life, dare i say. Well, they are all meaningful, so we have to define I guess – I figure a full life is one where you chase down your dreams.

    • We’ve had interesting timing on our ideas recently.
      I wrote this last week on my commute to work. Which is longer than some and shorter than others. But, it plays well off a theme I touch on frequently here: the commuter lifestyle. Everything we do is an hour in the car. 30 minutes to the grocery store and then back. 30 minutes to the doctor and then back. 30 minutes to the library, the outlets, the other grocery store, the big box store, the hardware store… and then back. We waste our lives an hour at a time in pursuit of stuff.

      • But we also convince ourselves that we have to waste that time…I want to go back to the old days when I was young and it was okay to just stay up all night writing, to hell with the consequences. I want to dream of the great story, the huge one. Everyday life and commuting and the such gets in the way, but we also let it get in the way. That’s what I was getting at with that last story. I don’t want to be that way, but I am… and yet that resistance leads to my writing. It’s an interesting conundrum in a way, and I try to pull energy from it whenever possible.

      • Most of my best posts, the ones in happiest with, come to me while I’m driving, and my mind is free of the other responsibilities that plague it either side of the commute.

      • I would believe that. I used to as well, but then I started waking up at 4. And now most days I’m so brain dead I can’t remember if I’ve washed my hair yet or not.

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