Thank you, Trent, for the feedback on this piece… and now, with our local spotlight, here’s a little boy we found on the street…


International News Perspective: “This just in, a bomb has gone off in a busy market in some place we’ve never heard of.  We do know that fourteen people lost their lives and nine others were injured.  We’ll keep you updated on the terrible developments but now, with Sports, here’s Guy Cool.”  “Thank you, Dandy.  Today Billionaires A sold the rights of Millionaire B to the Billionaire C Conglomerate, and the only reason any of this is news is because we are paid to entertain you.  So, thanks for making our job easy.”


Local News Perspective: “The clean-up efforts continue in the aftermath of the Downtown Square bombing that occurred last week.  Crews have already begun razing the buildings deemed unsafe and new plans are well underway to erect a monument to the lives that were lost.  Authorities are still trying to determine which of the seven terrorist groups claiming responsibility are actually culpable for this mass tragedy, though one officer who requested anonymity told us it was likely an isolated attack by someone disenchanted by the struggles of their life.  When pressed for clarification, the officer shrugged and said, ‘People can’t just commit suicide in their rooms anymore, they’ve got to make a spectacle of it.’  Terrorist attack or suicide…?  We may never know the truth.  Eye-witness videos continue to pour in from the abundance of people who happened to be filming in the square at the time, and those clips are all posted on our website.  None of them have been edited, so be warned they can be quite graphic.  And now, with Weather, here’s Blown Hair.”  “Thank you, Beauty.  Today there was weather and tomorrow we are expected to be treated with more of the same, but you would know that if you ever looked up from your screens to peer outside and, I don’t know, maybe go for a walk or something.”


Impacted Family Perspective: The officer who has been assigned to us is very polite but he doesn’t know very much at all, and he probably never will.  The people in the hospital are patient with our questions but they are tired and overworked and I can tell they wish we would go home so they could do their jobs without us hovering nearby.  We’ve been living here for a month now, sleeping in shifts and showering in the bathroom sinks.  We are all exhausted and want to go home too, but we can’t leave him.  Misha shows some signs of improving, but he may never walk again even if he is gifted a prosthetic limb at some point in the future.  The nerve damage in his back is too great, and the doctors don’t want to risk further damage by removing the shrapnel near his spine.  They used bigger words than that, of course, but that’s basically what they were saying.  Besides, he still wakes up screaming twice a night.  The horrors he witnessed are more of a scar than where they stitched up his lost limb.  We haven’t told Misha about Momma yet.  He isn’t strong enough.  I’m not sure Daddy and I are strong enough to keep this family from falling apart without her helping us along.  I miss her.  I had to leave Misha’s room yesterday before he asked why I was crying.  I miss her fiercely and I don’t understand why she was killed.  I don’t understand any of this…  The talking heads from the local stations have been sniffing around for an interview but I refuse to turn my mother’s death into a sound bite for them.  Not that you care, because this is a blog post, and I lost your attention 100 words ago.   So, go then, seek your entertainment elsewhere.

42 thoughts on “Entertainment?

  1. Blistering and fairly sobering. Not that I’m sober. Where are the comments on this piece? Have you ever felt that the more difficult or challenging the subject, the more people head for the hills? There may be a correlation here. I guess I should spend more time working on my posts that revolve around that time when I shat myself on the subway. That was priceless. All that shit is priceless.

    This is brilliant stuff Matticus. You made me feel something. And in fact, you made me write something

    • Thank you for the comment. Yes, I’ve definitely noticed that the pieces where I’m hoping for discussion are the ones I usually get the least. It is deflating…
      Can’t wait to read your next piece.

      • I’m sorry for that Matticus. I seek out the hard pieces, honestly, and wish there were more. We should be challenging each other. Thanks for writing and posting this – sincerely.

      • I wish there were more things like this too. That’s why I’m always happy to see you’ve posted something because I know it will challenge me and make me feel something.

    • Yep. Wasn’t sure what to make of it either so sent it to Trent to check it out before publishing. I fear what this political season is going to do to my writing if I’m already attacking “the news.”

      • This used to be a (nearly) everyday occurrence where I’m from. The news is sometimes a horror movie, just that the actors don’t get up when they cut the scene.

      • Dang…
        All the worlds a stage, and we’re just the players… only we don’t have a script and sometimes we get drawn into a storyline we don’t care to be a part of. In the end, though, the curtain falls when it’s ready, whether we think our part is done or not.

      • Unfortunately and fortunately. It’d be a bit boring if we knew what was going to happen all the time…also, incredibly horrific and scary. (Ignoring free will of course. Because then it’s just nearly impossible to know what’s in the future.)

      • I wasn’t arguing that we should have scripts, just pointing out that we don’t and so we never really know what the next scene is going to bring. It gives life value, but also leads to some of our greatest tragedies. I guess that’s just how it has to be.

  2. Umm, the next time you post something like this, slap me with it so I know it’s here.
    This might just be a favorite of mine from you.

    P.S. Those names are irreplaceable. ♥️ I cracked up so hard at “Blown Hair” I think I woke neighbors.

    • I don’t like to slap anybody with anything… It’s not my style. I am glad you liked this one, though. It resonated with me.
      I think we are all guilty of ignoring the atrocities around us. I think we have to be to some extent to keep our sanity, because the world is too full of craziness. But, perhaps if we’d stop focussing so much on sports and weather and worked together we could figure out how to fix the things that really do matter. Perhaps if we all turned off the TV for the worthless segments of “news” we’d get real news again and that would be a start to opening our eyes and really paying attention. Maybe then we’ll be able to see the solutions too.

      • You’re absolutely right. My own ignoring is a coping mechanism. I’ve sat many a night absorbing the horrible things, and truthfully, sometimes I’d find myself in tears. Now, I can barely watch the news. When they get to the horrible things, I tend to turn away. Like you said, for the sake of my own sanity.

        Changing it seems so unobtainable at this point. You’re right though, perhaps we need to just open our eyes and face it more.

      • With the sad state of things, (& don’t get me wrong, we have made strides as humans lately. But for every step forward we seem to take 10 steps back.) I think we’d have a better shot with option B.

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