lesson learned

The moon swung along the horizon, pushed by tide or breeze, I could not see.
It rocked and swayed like a cradle.  All that was missing was baby and melody.
It glowed.  Oh, how it glowed.  A candle.  The heaven’s soft fire.
I sought to pluck it down, hold it for my own, and ever admire,
But it eluded my grasp time and time again.
It had no desire to be in any way my friend,
Which later, still gazing upon it, I could not decry nor regret.
It knew.  Oh, it must have known.  Friends aren’t won by nets.
For it shone down, smiling brilliance and hope, despite my attempts and failures.
Though it had the right, it never once judged me, this stage, or the other players.

Lesson learned, I went my way, to act my part in this game of games,
And found some friends without the use of clasping hands or frames,
Though my eyes peaked towards the moon whenever it gently swung,
To share a knowing wink about a lonely red heart’s story going unsung.
Life bounded on with days leaping to years in a blur of giggles and tears.
Supported by my loved ones, I shared in equal parts of fears and cheers.
Death came calling in trembles and pain, but so did life in squalling joy.
The moon watched with its knowing smile while we built-up to destroy.

Feel free to share your secrets, your goals, your plans and all else with the moon,
Whenever you see it swinging on the edge of the world and singing its silent tune.
It may not answer or acknowledge your fall, but it watches all.
It may hold you in thrall even as it makes you feel very small.
The moon teaches lessons at great lengths,
And its smiling light will give you strength.


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