worth it

There are moments in the day where time bends and slips to tick away the seconds at odd intervals: sometimes fast and sometimes slow.  The trick, his one true talent, was to recognize those moments and tailor his activities accordingly.  When time skipped, he tackled the chores he was dreading most so they would be over quicker.  When time crawled, he would switch to the tasks he liked the best to enjoy them longer.  In this manner, he passed his days until she came into his life.  Or rather, more accurately, until she crashed into his car.

It was near the summer solstice in the final days of June, one of those days where the sun comes up early and stays up late for fear of missing out on something fun, and he was in his car taking advantage of time slipping quickly to commute home from work.  He spent a lot of time in his car.  The commuter lifestyle wasn’t something he chose but something he tolerated and when he felt the seconds piling together he would jump in his car and hit the road.  The tires and pavement would sing in baritone and tenor, the radio would provide the percussion and rhythm, and with the time passing faster than normal the drive home would be almost pleasant.

On the days the timing worked best, the slipping seconds would ease back to normal just as he parked his car in the garage, and then they would stretch out and allow him long moments to enjoy his hobbies as the afternoon sluggishly sauntered on.  However, the day he met her he never got to those long lounging moments because as he pulled off the freeway, she ran a red light and crunched into his passenger side.  The world spun.  Glass splintered and flew.  Metal crunched and warped.  But, somehow they were both okay.

Their eyes met and time stopped altogether in a glorious display of the universe’s power.

Since then they have been nearly inseparable.  They willingly gave up their own freedoms, beholden to no schedule but their own, to become a unit forced to work together, compromise, struggle and triumph.  And, since he no longer had the opportunity to change tasks based on the bending or stretching seconds, he eventually forgot how to recognize when those moments were happening.

He never regretted the loss for he had gained far more.

23 thoughts on “worth it

  1. Time……do we have enough? Can we get more? It is a concept that Einstein believed was simply an illusion. I do not know the truth about the existence of time but it has been on my mind lately. All we have is the present moment and nothing else guaranteed. Great bit of writing as usual, Matt.

    • Thank you for the comment, JD. Time often finds its way into my thoughts. I like the idea that it is something we could control, but there is something magical about it being beyond us as well. It makes everything that much more special because we will never have that moment again. Every second is unique.
      One of my favorite quotes/scenes from the movie “Troy” – when Achilles is talking about the gods envying mortals because of their mortality.

      • That is a great thought: “every second is unique.” Deserves a bit of contemplation for sure. I think I would add the phrase “and valuable” to that but I love the concept because it is so true. The moments of our lives are the bits that make up the whole of our lives. No two are exactly the same but they fit together, like the pieces of a puzzle. Just added this to my writing ideas notebook.

  2. Oh no no no… you don’t stop here. Don’t interrupt your own story. Something that starts this awesomely needs to be expanded on. I want to know more about what they saw in each other and how far this will go. That opening paragraph, by the way, is pure priceless gold as a starting point. I’m a diehard romantic, no doubt, and this is romantic in that sense of our messed-up world and the beauty that creeps into it, all over it, and I treasure those moments. I think you just made one, so I’m asking for more on this story. I think it’s bigger. I know it.

    • You can’t see the smile on my face, but know that it is there, and it is encompassing.
      Your request has been received. There is more to the story, yes, and it will be shared in time.

      • Thank you. Your praise means a great deal to me.
        FYI – I’ve tried to leave a comment in your most recent post (turtle), but my server blocked it. I will comment as soon as I can.

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