Inspiration by Kings

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir


Kings Canyon and the Kings River, hidden away in the western Sierra Nevada, has been my home away from home for as long as I can remember.  Perhaps you’ve heard me mention them once or twice before.  The mountains in general and this particular area specifically call to me, they inspire me with their beauty, with their endless possibilities.  They help me find the words to the fiction in my head and they help me find the real paths to walk upon this world.

Today is 3 year blog-o-versary for The Matticus Kingdom.  Thank you to everyone who has ever liked, commented, re-blogged, provided feedback and collaboration, and on and on to help me as a blogger and a writer.  You are all very much appreciated.

Will you rise to Rara’s challenge  and share what inspires you for this week’s Photo Challenge?


42 thoughts on “Inspiration by Kings

  1. Happy bloggity anniversary! To think, I knew you way back when…or close enough 🙂

    I can see where that can be such a inspiration. Beautiful picture!

  2. Also, yay on accepting the challenge! It seems so quiet ’round the ‘sphere lately. I want to do a “comment and participate” in things challenge. I need a prize to giveaway but all I have is a stinger from prison, haha! It’ll be a much bigger draw if I make a video first about how to use it to heat water to make cake out of creamer and top-ramen “pad thai”. 🙂

  3. Hello, that picture is really captivating. It drew me in. I too have responded to the call of mountains……once I dreamt of a mountain and suddently found myself booking a travel ticket – only to find the mountain I had dreamt of was right where i was going!

  4. congrats, dj. i always find your blog so thoughtful and interesting. i look forward to what’s still to come from you, and here’s to many more. what a beautiful place that is too, and i’d love to see it in person.

  5. I love Kings Canyon, and all that area of the US, Bryce, Grand Canyon. I lived in Aspen, CO for 10 years. Best 10 years of my life. Happy B-versary. I’m going on 6 months. Pass that bottle, I’ve got some catching up to do to get to three years.

      • I lived in SD for 8 years… and was happy to leave when I did. There are people and places I miss but for the most part I was over it… and now I’ve lived in Ventura county for 8 years and am rapidly coming to the same done-ness.

      • I get that. 10 years seemed to be my maximum stay in places all my life. But I’ve lived in Abu Dhabi for 15. Of course, there’s been lots of travel away from there, several times a year. It’s much closer to many countries than the States, where you have to fly across an ocean to get anywhere. India, now, is 2 hours away.

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