a conversation to have with yourself

“What’s the most important thing in the world?”

“What do you mean by, “important?”

“You know, important, important…”

“Well, there are many different ways to measure importance: worth, weight, size, nostalgia, history, scarcity, replication, and on and on.  So, think about it and then ask what you really want to know.”

“… What’s the most important thing to be happy in the world?”


“You didn’t think about that very long.”

“I didn’t need to.”

“But… per your own qualifiers, how can you be so certain?  Love can’t be bought or sold.  It has no heft.  It has no physical presence.  It does have nostalgia and history, true, but it seems for every tale of love there are ten tales of love lost.  It isn’t scarce with the way the word gets thrown around, and while it can be achieved again and again it is never the same from time to time, and it is never certain.  How can you possibly believe it is the most important thing to be happy?”

“Because it can’t be bought or sold, it is priceless.  Because, while it isn’t physically tangible, it can bear down on you with the weight of mountains and lift you up to float among the clouds.  Because those tales where love was everlasting are more powerful than all ten tales where it fell apart combined, multiplied together, and squared.  Because it doesn’t matter if the word itself has been cheapened by over use, the sentiment remains as mysterious and magical as the day it was first coined.  Because it is always changing it reflects everything else on this planet, from the worst of us to the very best, and yet still gives us an ideal to strive for.”


“And what?”

“And those were all trumped up generalizations at best.  They were nice, yes, but not an honest reflection of the world we live in.  So, again, how can you possibly believe that love is the most important thing to be happy?”

“Because I choose to believe.”

Wedding - TOS walking away


26 thoughts on “a conversation to have with yourself

  1. I should do that, but every time I try to have a conversation with myself, either the crack squirrels interrupt with some crazy idea for a blog post, or I get sidetracked by how clever and handsome I am… HA!

  2. Perhaps the fact that one must choose to love is the most divine part of love. Choice is what separates God from Satan. And God expresses his love for us through choice.

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