The Day I Lost My Mother

Today on Stories That Must Not Die, we are honored to bring you the words of Alicia, an innate serving with Rara who has bravely reached out to our community to share a story of loss, strength, and resolve. Please head over and leave her a comment of RawrLove and support.

Stories that Must Not Die

The following post was submitted by Alicia.  She gave it to Rara, and Rara mailed it to me to share with all of you.  Please read her words and leave her a comment of support in the comments, and/or send her a letter.  I’m going to print this post in a couple days and mail it to her, so anything you leave in the comments she will get to see.  Thank you.

On Feb. 26, 2012, I received horrible news that changed my life forever and my life hasn’t been the same since.

During that time, I was incarcerated at Glen Helen Jail.  I was working at visiting and the Chaplin came and asked if he could speak to me.  What he had to say brought my world crashing down around me.  He told me my mother had suffered a massive stroke and was on life support.  The stroke had…

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