pills are not the answer

I had a brief (online) conversation with friend of the Kingdom, Steph, today.  And, sadly, while doing okay, she’s not at her very best.  If you aren’t familiar with Steph, she is a wonderful creative who used to blog before the trolls of the ‘sphere got to her, but you can still find some of her writing here and here, and she was a major part of the Save the Kingdom series as well.

She sent me the following to share with all of you:

I sit in line on an ugly chair
As people in shirts of graded colour
With badges and lanyards and keys
Dispense feelings in little plastic cups
Through a hole in the wall.

My turn
“How are you today?” she asks
I say I am sad and something is missing
“Sad? We have a pill for that!”
No, I sigh, that won’t help me.
“Yes it will” she says
She claims it will make me sleep,
Sleep a long, long time,
So I don’t have to feel the sadness.

She doesn’t understand
when I wake up the sadness will still be here
You see, what I need, more than anything
Is to be held
To be held tight and close,
And there is no pill for that.

If you are friends with Steph as well, send her a little note of love, and some virtual hugs as well.  It isn’t much, I know, but it is still something.


19 thoughts on “pills are not the answer

  1. Offline, I am watching people get away with hurting and damaging others with no accountability for their actions.

    Then I am seeing friends struggling, big time,when all they have ever done is give to others and do their best.

    I know life isn’t supposed to be fair, but I didn’t think it was supposed to be this UNfair either.

    • We have to hope that eventually those doing wrong will have their actions catch up to them, while helping our friends through their tough times as best we can…
      And we have to try not to worry about the fairness or unfairness of things, because, in the end, none of that really matters… it’s about what we do with the days we are given, and how we treat those around us that really matters.

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