my e-book is on sale

Hey there…

So, you’re just sitting around, enjoying a quiet weekend… and then you realize you could be reading something… but!  You don’t have anything new or exciting to read?  It’s happened to all of us.  And, I have the solution!

For a (very) limited time, the kindle version of the Fauxpocalypse Anthology is on sale through Amazon.

99 cents!!

That’s it, that’s all, and this collection could be yours, delivered to your reading device in a number of seconds, and you’ll be enjoying it in less time than it will take you to finish the rest of this post!

That’s pretty awesome, right?


Here’s the link to the sale:

Fauxpocalypse –  Kindle Version

The collection has 13 stories…  one of which was written by me!  And, here’s a little excerpt from mine:

The hours seemed to stretch out to eternity as Jake lay awake in bed deep into the night.  He wasn’t sleeping.  He hadn’t been sleeping and he saw nor relief in his immediate future.  The events of the day had been troubling enough, bu his mind wouldn’t stop nagging him that was something else wasn’t right, that something needed his immediate attention  He just had no clue what that was.

The night was quiet.  Without a moon, not even the coyotes were disturbing the stillness with their calls and howls.  The house had long since settled down for the evening so there were no more pops, creaks or groans.  It seemed like someone could have stepped onto his dirt driveway all the way up at the road and Jake would have been able to clearly hear the crunch of the gravel.

Frustrated with himself for not being able to fall asleep and irritated with George and Carl for what they had done, Jake carefully slipped out of bed so he didn’t disturb Helen and made his way down the hall to the kitchen.  It had reached that point in the night where his concern over how tired he would be the next morning was keeping him awake.  He planned on pouring himself a glass of water for the pitcher and hoped that there was still some left from the last time it had been filled.

However, as he walked into the kitchen he could see wisps of lights out the window.  He quickly stepped up to the sink and saw the very distinct beams of light that only flashlights can produce coming from the south side of his property, from an area very near where someone kept cutting through his fence.  He frowned, brow furrowed, eyes glaring, and his hands gripped the counter-top in front of him fiercely.

To find out what happens next, I guess you’ll just have to spend a dollar and download the book.  The 99 cent sale only lasts until April 7th, so, don’t delay or you might miss out.  Enjoy!

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