a new deal

The cave was easy enough to find, she would never forget the location of the nearest she had been to death, however it still took the sorceress three weeks of resting and studying in her castle before she felt ready to make the trip.  Standing before the entrance she felt none of the arrogance she had felt before.  It its place was respect for the power radiating from the depths and a renewed thirst for knowledge.

The dragon held secrets and truths only learned from centuries of life and she had a desperate need to glimpse that treasure and attempt to hold it within her grasp.  She wanted to taste it on her cracked lips, that she had to wet with her tongue against the heat pouring over her.  She wanted to breathe in the dragon’s fire until her soul burned.  As she stepped towards the beckoning darkness, the sorceress understood that her life was undoubtedly forfeit, but she hoped the beast would continue to see something in her worth saving, and, perhaps, worth nurturing.

She kneeled in front of the opening, her knees screamed at the abuse of the rock strewn ground, and pulled the cowl from her head so her eyes could be seen clearly.  She had no hidden motives, there was nothing she needed or wanted to keep hidden from the creature, and believed that by presenting herself in such a manner the dragon would at least listen to her plea before it snapped her life.

“I’m sorry to break our agreement, and so soon after it was struck, by seeking you out again,” the words bounced around the cave mouth before being swallowed by the darkness within.  “I have come here today under different circumstances, though, and hope we …”

The voice of the beast pounded into her head and strangled her words, “I know why you are here, witch.  I know you are hoping to gain some of my power.  I know you think you have come out of respect, but it is still arrogant of you to think that we could have any sort of peer relationship.  You have nothing to offer in return for the wealth I could bestow upon you.”

The ground shifted slightly below the sorceress as the dragon shifted its enormous girth around.  She placed a steadying hand on the ground and let her head fall forward to cover the small smile that teased the corners of her lips, “Are you sure?”

The voice stayed silent just long enough for the sorceress to doubt her plan, but then the dragon spoke inside her mind again, “You are once again playing a dangerous game, witch, but you may enter and we shall see what it is you think you can offer me.”


6 thoughts on “a new deal

  1. I think you mean “In its place” at the start of this sentence:

    It its place was respect for the power radiating from the depths and a renewed thirst for knowledge.


    Again, you are the master of suspense. Roll on the next chapter – I want to see what she and the dragon agree on.

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