I’m losing my mind.
It may already be gone:
The gears halted in their grind,
All thoughts swallowed in an endless yawn…

Have you seen them?
Those flashes of movement…
There, so clear, then vanished in the dim,
Were they real or, sanity slipping, imagination sent?

I’m caught off-guard,
By these fleeting glimpses,
Of possibilities crashing hard,
Into my truths of castaway chances.

Would you accept them?
Having seen them over and over,
As they race through vision’s outer rim…
The hallucinations demand your embrace, your favor.

I’m not quite ready,
In my paranoid wandering,
Even if my keel seems strong and steady,
To relinquish control to the wind’s meandering.

Can you see my crazy?
Careful, it crawls under skin…
Contagious, spreading, it very well may be,
Preying on your fears, your doubts, and your sin.

I’m sure insomnia is the culprit:
Attacking and degrading my wiring.
Yet these things I’ve seen hold weight and grit.
They cannot be unseen, no matter the time or trying.

What would you do?
Should you constantly see,
Objects, light, movement, flashes all untrue…
Existing in sight, but only there and completely reality free.


18 thoughts on “seen/imagined

  1. Yes this is more my reality with current vision problems and worries of Alzheimer’s…are you positive this comes from your imagination? I enjoyed this poem, made me feel at home

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