Flames erupted behind the roar, cascading in waves that trailed after and then surrounded the concussive voice echoing up from the depths of the cave, and reached for the wizard and witch with talons of devouring heat.  They didn’t have the distance, though, to reach the intended targets so the dragon quickly shut them off and began to squeeze through the cavern, clawing at the charred earth to pull himself closer.  He could no longer see the magicians, but he could still feel them, and he could hear their whispered movements clearly.

The sorceress, momentarily caught off guard by the ferocity and speed of the dragon’s flaming attack, took a few steps back before she realized there was no danger.  She brushed aside the panic that tried to grip her heart and she bravely strode forward again, chanting the spells that would keep her safe from fire and turn the beasts own attacks against it.  In her periphery she saw her wizard companion moving deeper into the shadows and she reminded herself not to lose sight of him.  They were there to fight the dragon together, but she still sensed a trap.

The legendary monster bellowed again and its outburst drew her attention.  He had moved faster than she thought possible and the flames spewing from its maw engulfed her easily.  While her magic kept her safe from the fire, she still found it incredibly uncomfortable to be surrounded by the intensely brilliant oranges and purples.  The colors swirled so brightly she felt she would see them behind her closed eyes, burned into her vision, for days to come.

Her magic saved her again a second later, as she went crashing into the call wall.  The flames had blinded her to the dragons continued movement and one of its massive paws had swept out and knocked her sideways.  Momentarily out of the flames’ path, she swept the cave to see if she could coordinate attacks with the wizard, but he seemed to have vanished.

Then a massive eye filled the entirety of her view as the dragon lowered its head to her level.  It glinted with laughter.  It shined with anger.  Its seemingly endless darkness drew her in and captivated her.  She knew she should move but she could not.

“I can’t see you, witch, but I know you are there.  I can smell you.  I can feel your magic radiating off you.  Though, I think you should know, I can no longer sense your companion.  He has abandoned you here…  I get the impression you aren’t that surprised.”

The sorceress, her enchantment broken, continued her mental mantra and weighed her options: fight or flee.  She didn’t expect the dragon to give her much time to decide or any other options, but she took a chance, counting on her magic to save her one more time if she guessed wrong, “I was led here under false pretenses and l mean you no harm.”

“Too late.  Much too late, now.  You are already here.  I am already awake and the fire in my soul is burning.”


5 thoughts on “burning

  1. I’ve been busy with school, and, as you can tell, behind on my blog reading — I’ve not been commenting much, as I’m trying to catch up. But, I have been reading … and I’m quite enjoying having your imaginative tales back in my inbox. You were quite silent there for awhile. I’m glad you are writing again — I always enjoy your tales!

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