slip off the edge of the world

They sparkle in the intermittent rushing lights, shining like a million fires before being swallowed over and over by the darkness.  And then the lights spread across them again, as they had countless times before, but rather than standing still to absorb and reflect, they surge forward in dance.  The pressure was more than they could withstand and, once freed from their moors, they speed in all directions to slip off the edges of their world.  They weren’t falling and their existence wasn’t ending.  Their purpose, their path, is shooting from one life to another.

Once they have been swallowed by nothingness, they are no less dazzling in their beauty and significance; they have just passed beyond the sight of this world so they can be enjoyed by others.
Image Credit: Kenneth Brandon

It is both humbling and awe inspiring to realize how many worlds are constantly spinning around us, just out of our view and understanding.  We stand in the middle of a raging storm of possibilities swallowing our missed opportunities and scorned decisions.  We stand under a bright sun of endless warming hope for all the things we can become.  We are alone, tired, and scared.  We are constantly uplifted in embraces by all the selves we’ve ever been and ever could be.

The water droplets, the morning’s dew, continue to flash erratically on my windshield like the stars above, collecting the light of oncoming traffic and sending it spiraling into the unseen worlds that surround my journey into the day.
Image Credit: Sami Sarkis

25 thoughts on “slip off the edge of the world

    • From time to time, yes, it is good to be reminded of how big this world is. We feel so connected these days, our technology has made the world seem small, when it is anything but. No matter what g-speed your phone operates at, it will never replace the vast mysteries of our universe…

      • Like to figure I can cast my brain unaided by illicit substances into the hugeness of where we are in the great grand scheme of schwing… sometimes works, sometimes not. I wonder that I can be concerned with that meeting tomorrow when the entirety of existence really doesn’t care about said meeting at all, and never will.

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