Fiction’s Greatest Archer

I do a series on my blog called Versus. In it, I’ll take two fictional characters and pit them against each other. As I was trying to come up with new matchup ideas, I thought about putting two archers against each other. The only problem I has was that, the more I thought about it, the harder it became to narrow down which two archers I should be using.

Throughout the history of fiction, there have been many awesome archers. Which one is the best, though?

Is it fiction’s original archer, Robin Hood? If so, which version of Robin Hood is it? Is the Robin Hood of myth best? Or maybe it’s Errol Flynn’s version? Perhaps Kevin Costner’s, or Russell Crowe’s? Maybe you even think  Disney’s fox version is the best.

There have been plenty of other archers in fiction of all types: novels, comic books, TV, and movies.

Legolas of the Woodland Realms has been kicking butt on paper and film since the early 1900s. But, is his written form better than his film portrayal? How about Catti-Brie, from R.A. Salvatore’s Drizzt books, and her bow Taulmaril the Heartseeker? Or how about Paris, killer of Achilles in the Iliad?

We also have the comic book archers. DC has Green Arrow, but is Stephen Amell’s portrayal in Arrow better than the comic book version? What about Marvel’s Hawkeye? Does Jeremy Renner’s work in the Avengers movies outdo his comic performance?

I could go on and on.

What we’d like to know is who do you think is fiction’s greatest archer? We’d like your participation in this debate. If you want to let your opinion be known, we’d like you to write a post (preferably no longer than 1000 words) telling us why your archer (whether it’s someone I mentioned in this post or not) is fiction’s greatest archer and link back to this post.

If you do plan on writing a post for us, do us a favor and put what character, and which version, you will be writing a post about. We don’t mind if more than one person uses the same character, as long as it is two different versions of that character. (For example: Two different people writing about Hawkeye is ok as long as one is about the movie version and one is about the comic book version.)

In a couple of weeks (in order to give anyone who wants to participate time to make their case), we’ll make a new post with links to all of the entries. The new post will also include a poll, so you, the readers, can vote on who you think made the best case for their archer. That way, we’ll have an answer to the question, “Who is fiction’s greatest archer?”



21 thoughts on “Fiction’s Greatest Archer

  1. I know whom I would choose but I fear that I do not have the words to stretch out the why for an article on it, a besides whilst not the greatest archer per se, I think is greatest character with a bow because of the other skills that the character has.

  2. […] Another post on Word Press is asking for people to make the case for fictions greatest archer. Their are MANY great fictitious archers running around in the alternate realities of books, comics, movies and television, so it is really hard to pick. Just as an example here are a few: Green Arrow, Arsenal, Merlyn, Katniss, Bo Duke and Luke Duke from the original Dukes of Hazard, Storm Shadow, William Tell, etc. However, for me, it will always be the original, Robin Hood. […]

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