the clock nears noon

Her adversaries, her would-be assassins, had scattered to their secret hiding places to nurse wounds and prides.  She let them recover in peace.  She had no interest in following them into their lairs, backing them into corners and fighting them on those terms.  Though still angry with every single one of them, just wasn’t blinded by her rage enough to make a mistake like that.

They had witnessed the power of her fury and righteousness and if they dared face her again they could find her in her castle like always.  The sorceress expected them to rally again and attack her as they had before.  She expected a trap.  She expected them to try and use their numbers against her.  She did not expect one of them to suddenly appear at her gate.

She felt the surge in magical power and looked down from her study window to see him calmly looking up at her.  His eyes held no emotion, no hate, no anger, no sympathy.  He was there to do a job.  He was there to put an end to the war that had divided the magical ranks as quickly as possible, and her death would do just that.

The sorceress was flattered more than anything.  There were undertones of other emotions swirling below the surface, but the wizard’s arrival at her gate meant her bullies had realized she was too strong from them.  They had admitted her superiority.  She counted it as a victory, even as she weighed her options.

The magician she was about to face was straight from the legends of her youth.  He was an assassin for hire, skilled in ancient spells and hexes from tomes he had uncovered and kept for his own, and loyal to whoever currently kept him sheltered and fed.  He never worked noble causes for the betterment of the community.  He never turned down morally questionable jobs.  She could feel the extent of his power radiating off him.

She should have been afraid, but she was not.  She should have been angry that he was there rather than those who actually had reason to quarrel against her, and while she was it was barely discernible in the swirl of excitement that flooded her thoughts.  His arrival was a chance for her to prove beyond all doubt that she was the greatest magician to ever don the robes and walk the pathways of sorcery.

The sorceress spoke the word of magic that opened the gate in front of him and smiled as he walked through.


22 thoughts on “the clock nears noon

  1. This is definitely keeping me strung along. I want more each time you post. A sign of a very good story teller. The “hired gun” really adds a new twist to the plot. Am anxious to see how it turns out. 🙂

      • Hmmm . . . “righteous”. This could get interesting, because the righteous don’t always win. The quickest draw usually does. I’m seeing visions of “The Quick and the Dead” floating around in my head (the Sharon Stone version, not the original). Might look into using some of those elements too.

      • Love that you called it the “Sharon Stone” version rather than the DiCaprio or Hackman version. Also love that you know about the original, which is nothing like the remake and based on a Louis La’mour book.

      • I also could have called it the Russell Crowe version. It’s the only Sharon Stone movie where she actually acted somewhat well (in my opinion). I really did enjoy the cinematography effects they used in this movie. I haven’t seen the original; but I’m sure it’s ever so much better.

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