uncertain motives

He watches me, from his perch in the sky, as I walk into the morning.  His presence is comforting.  His presence is terrifying.  Is he there to protect?  Is he on the prowl?  Does he do anything but watch?

He is the hunter, after all.  He could be hunting the beasts hiding in the shadows around me or he could be hunting me.  How far does his star sword reach?  How sharp is its burning blade?  What other weapons does he have and how skilled is he with them?

The legend is just an imaginative push away from jumping free of the sky.  And when, not if, he does will he stand beside me and guard my journey or will he quickly strike me down before leaping back into the heavens, dragging me behind as another trophy to add to his collection.  I wouldn’t make much of a trophy, but the possibility still exists.

Sometimes it is the smallest of adversaries that prove the fiercest and most dangerous.

Trembles in the shadows that plague my path draw my attention.  There was movement, I know there was, but there is nothing my eyes can see.  The demons that haunt my dreams roam freely just beyond my sight.  They deepen the chill of the morning.  They make my skin crawl.  The hunter above could easily rescue me from their grip of their fangs and talons if he chose.  I let my eyes turn to the sky as his unknown motives are momentarily less worrisome than the flashes and tremors on my plane.

However, I don’t gaze upon the hunter too long.  I don’t want to draw attention to myself.  I don’t want to make eye contact.  He could be my salvation.  He could be my destruction.  His presence is comforting.  His presence is terrifying.

Image Credit: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)

25 thoughts on “uncertain motives

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been by. I like the new look.
    I like this piece. It’s almost poetic. This also sound like the beginning of a fantasy novel. Someone walking a path to discover his relationship with his god and finding his place in the world. Good job.

    • I hadn’t considered it as the start of something larger, but I will give it some thought now… adding it to the long list of novels I should write one day.
      I’m glad you liked it!

      • I have the same problem with Rachelle’s Friday Fctioneers. I’ve written several great beginnings to something, but don’t have the time to peruse everything.

  2. One of the reasons I like winter; I get to see Orion. Of course that is completely dependent on clear skies here in the Northwest (cough, cough). A very emotional piece. Nicely done.

    • Heehee, we didn’t have clear skies today! Rain, rain, rain. Thanks for sharing your storms with us down here in the south.
      Orion has been ever present in my mornings recently though, hence this piece. He is so bold in the sky when I first walk out of my garage, he captures my sight… and my imagination.

      • I’m so glad you’re getting some rain. It’s dry and windy and bitterly cold here tonight. But a very thin veil of clouds that block the stars but lets the moon shine. I was wondering though why you didn’t include the dogs that are at Orion’s feet?

      • Good question. Possible answers: dogs scare me more than hunters, I didn’t know they were there, I can’t see them because the city lights blur the horizon just below Orion… Yep, all three are true.

  3. The hunter is waiting Matt. Those demons from your dreams that are just out of sight, waiting in the shadows, he is waiting for you to confront them. The hunter must prove himself by taking down the strongest prey, the kind of prey that could just as easily become the hunter. If you win against those demons, the hunter will come for you. If the demons win, the hunter will stalk them. He has no allegiance but his own.

    • This. Is. Terrifying. So… thanks for that. As I said on the phone, I don’t like either option, and I’m going to pursue option 3… face neither the hunger nor the demons directly, but write about them abstractly instead. That seems safer.

  4. I miss the hunter. I can’t even see him anymore unless I’m up in the hills. Btw, beautifully written, and like someone else up there said, sounds like the beginning of a new fantasy novel. You really should go the whole hog!

  5. I guess, given that we don’t know if he is hunting us or something else, that it is a good thing I can’t see all of him. I do manage to find his belt, though I’m not sure he’s wearing his pants or has tossed them aside.

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