bizarre love triangle
(Image Credit: shutterstock)

The heavens dressed in layered clouds and the earth applied comforting fog to smooth away its imperfections.  They postured to look their best while awaiting the arrival of their daily courtier.  The sun blew them soft orange kisses from the horizon that promised more.  The heavens let the clouds slip a little, showing a hint of blushing blue beneath.  The earth quickly wiped away the fog to show off its valley and mountain curves.

There were no winners in the battle for affection.  The sun graced heaven and earth equally for those few brief hours it spent with them.  The heavens shone radiantly as the light bounced through the water droplet jeweled gown.  The earth warmed, confidence building, under the sun’s gaze.  And then, all too soon, their beloved was blowing purple farewell kisses from the opposite horizon.
(Image Credit: Eli Adams)

Exhausted, but undeterred, the heavens and earth began their preparations for the next day’s courting while catching fits of rest as they could.  The distant stars watched the daily cycle and laughed in winks and blinks at the humorous futility of it all.  The heavens and earth ignored the stars, they understood the situation better than they let on, but, as is often the case when it comes to love, they were powerless to change anything about it.

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