Rara Update

She has moved, again, though not very far this time… and she will probably be moving again shortly.  But, she could use some RawrLove sent her way.  So, if you can, please send off a letter (or two) in the next couple days:

Radhika Jaini, WF0124
CCWF 513-8A-1up
PO Box 1508
Chowchilla, CA  93610-1508

Let her know she is still loved.  Let her know that broken hearts can be mended.  Let her know about all the positive energy and thoughts we are constantly sending her direction.

36 thoughts on “Rara Update

    • Sorry, I don’t have good answers to either of those. She isn’t sure when she’ll get moved along. It could be two weeks, it could be January. And, mail that doesn’t get delivered to her will most likely get returned to you… I know that has happened in the past. But, again, I’m not certain of that. Though, it is a felony to tamper with mail, so I doubt the prison would just toss it.

  1. I’m in England, so a letter from me won’t reach her before she’s moved again. I was wondering if there was anyone I could email my thoughts to who could post them to her on my behalf? I’ve been away for months through serious illness and am just catching up on the news again xx

  2. Do you know if they forward the mail on to her when she moves? I’d like to send a post card but it’s now a few days since you posted this and that means that as it may take a week for the postcard to arrive, I’m a bit wary about sending anything that she might miss.

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