in their multitude

I step into the wind swept darkness, a hint of winter chill sampling my skin, and my steps hasten to carry me to the relative comfort of my truck and the heated morning commute.  My quickened footfalls echo in the alley; bouncing between walls and homes, speeding away from me in mimicry of my pace and returning slowly from the shadows.  The breeze has swept the air clean and the street lamps cast perfect halos, unblemished by fog or dust, to light my journey and destination, but there is more light than there should be.

My gaze is drawn to the heavens and there are so many stars…

So many stars.

Image Credit: John’s Consciousness:

They send me messages of encouragement coded in winks and blinks.  They shower me in cleansing graces of the past.  They call out, each and every one of them, for my attention, demanding that I heed their warnings, take their advice, and rise to their expectations for my future.  And I find that I am overwhelmed in the glow of countless suns, with countless more spiraling planets hurtling unseen, in the space between where my feet falter to a stop and the infinite possibilities the stars imply.

This is but one reality.  This is but one truth.  This is but one planet, spinning around one sun, in a sea of life that cannot be fathomed and understood in its entirety.  There is too much to comprehend on the walk to my truck on a cold, dark, morning.  My thoughts crumble and scatter under the pressure of the beautiful unknowns and, while I flail in a vain attempt to maintain control, I only manage to keep one conscious observation as I renew my trek.

My feet carry me forward again, to one future, under so many stars…

So many stars.


26 thoughts on “in their multitude

  1. 🙂 In an infinite sea of stars,
    We have revolved around the word that is ours.
    Stars shine and brighten the night.
    To let us know that even in dark moments there is light.
    While some are near and some are fars
    Like in natures garden they beautify like flowers.
    So is a bright shining friend
    That joy into our heart does send.

  2. Sooooo many… and this is soi starbound and earth-free, makes me wonder what reality is and if it isn’t a bit over-rated and if we don’t in fact live within abstraction. I think you’ve described the place where dreams come from.

    • How would we truly know?
      Like the end of the movie Men in Black… we are just a marble in a cosmic game.
      Dreams? Or Nightmares?
      Are you familiar with the movie “The Explorers”?

      • Do you mean “Explorers”, the movie about the kids that find a way to fly into space and meet some aliens? I loved the build up to that movie, but the ending was kinda lame.

        I think the concept of us being infintesimal makes me feel awesome about being here… about having the ability to have dreams and nightmares.

  3. Matt, THIS is your genius. No one, and I DO mean no one, famous or not, does descriptive writing better than this. You fill reality with wonder. This piece is going in my inspiration file to keep forever.

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