Dream a Little Dream of – My Apartment

I hear a rustling in the living room. I shove the panic away as I open amd close my eyes. The light is blinding. Through it, I’m surprised to see my sister, sitting in the rocker, and my mom in my recliner. The chaos that is my apartment is in order. I ask what is happening and they respond that they are worried about me. I laugh as I realize that this is a dream, then become angry. I warn that they better not be here when I wake.

The light is still blinding. I’m agitated as I once again make way to the living room. They are gone. I want a snack. I make my way to the kitchen and I see a button that says “Push”, so I do. A panel opens and I hear music and am mortified that I can’t turn down the sound. My dad ambles in with a smile on his face and I want to pass out He flips a switch to silence the movie and I realize that this is another dream, because dad has been gone for seven years. I try to cover up by saying that I didn’t know my kitchen had a tele. He says that my.next door neighbor is angry. Dad pushes the button. The tele retracts and he walks away.

I have to use the bathroom. I see the yellow and black caution tape. I peer and don’t see my chalk outline and I breathe a bit easier. My maintenance guys are working. I ask why now and they respond that I didn’t give permission to enter while I was gone, so they had to enter while I was here. The time didn’t matter. I ask them to please hurry, because I have to pee.

When I wake up, I still have to pee and am annoyed that the tape is gone. I am more than shocked to see what is in the tub – or who. This person has not had a bath in I can’t even guess when. In an effort to prove that this isn’t real, I thrust my foot in the tub. The person disappears and I rejoice; however, my conscious mind is in high panic mode. I start to cry. I return to my bedroom.

No longer surprised, I determine that this isn’t my bedroom. I panic until I see my dad. He tells me to join him in the family room. I pass through his walk in closet and see spit shined shoes, formal suits and hockey sweaters. I trip over one of the shoes. As he straightens his collar, I ask where he is going. He replies that it is just the two of us. I scrutinize my clothes and he assures me that I’m fine. He offers me a drink. I accept but I don’t drink it. The 72 inch tele plays in the background but I don’t notice.

My conscious mind takes hold. I wonder if I’m ever going to leave this dream cycle. I wonder if I’m dead and this is what happens next. I feel guilty as my mom and sister will have to identify my body and untangle the chaos that was my life. I hope that my final resting place will be with my dad. Even if I don’t drink or watch the Tele, this will be quite tolerable. I relax.

My eyes snap.open. I’m in my apartment. I have to pee.


25 thoughts on “Dream a Little Dream of – My Apartment

  1. That is a cold dream, Jaded. Real or made up or something in between? Either way, I feel slightly haunted this morning.

    “I ask why now and they respond that I didn’t give permission to enter while I was gone, so they had to enter while I was here.” That is a genius line.

    • The dream is real. Some of it was more graphic. I woke up hurting and am glad that the body or mind protects us physically when we dream like this. More like madness…;-)

  2. Sounds like there is a lot going on, inside and outside of the dream. Hope you are doing well (and like someone else already pointed out, i am glad to see you writing again).

  3. Ah, the twisted paths we walk, between dreams and waking, in the pursuit of… a bathroom, the truth, our sanity, the answers, the questions, and everything in between. Where relief upon fully waking can also take many forms.
    I wonder how many of us have dreams like that. I certainly do…

    • Probably most of us. This wasn’t the first and won’t be the last….The thing that made me laugh is that I woke only when I didn’t care to. That’s what was different about this one. Thank you.

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