Star-Sweet Light by Rarasaur

I have missed Rara’s signature voice and driving messages of hope and love… She sent me a poem from prison, dedicated to E.‘s mom, and I sent it over to Stories that Must Not Die to be shared with everyone there. Please step over and give it a read if you’ve missed Rara’s voice too, and take a moment to say thank you to E.’s mom for providing our beloved dinosaur with the reminder she needed to hear.

(And thank you Jaded for picking up my slack.)

Stories that Must Not Die

Star-Sweet Light
By Rarasaur

There’s a light behind the curtain –
Like star-squeezed lemonade – –
I’ve tasted it, I’ve drank it down,
It’s part of how I’m made.

There’s a space behind the curtain,
Where some have never basked.
The heaviness blockading it
Keeps the magic darkly masked.

The light behind the curtain
Cracks all minds open wide –
Shadows and dobuts melt away –
There is no place to hide.

And in this quiet center –
In this kismet-tangled knot –
We harvest possibility…
What we could, and should and ought.

It’s refreshed by connectivity,
By compassion and insight,
And the more of those we squeeze from life,
The sweeter is the light.

Yes, there’s more behind this day…
And though I know it’s there…
Today’s curtain is dark and heavy –
Too sour to squeeze, or bear.

Still, I continue to chase the stars…
I won’t let…

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